Broad Lane - Proposed Zebra Crossing

Closed 27 Jun 2022

Opened 30 May 2022


The Council is inviting comments on a proposal to introduce a new raised zebra crossing along Broad Lane, at its junction with Wensleydale Road and Nightingale Road.

A petition was received from local residents requesting a safe place to cross Broad Lane, particularly for young children attending nearby schools, and this had the support of local Ward Councillors.

The design proposes a new zebra crossing, safely positioned along Broad Lane just west of Wensleydale Road. To ensure good visibility of this crossing it will be installed on a raised table - a section of carriageway raised to footway level - with extensive realignment of Wensleydale Road and Nightingale Road junctions.

You can see a plan of the proposed zebra crossing here.

The Council has secured funding for the new crossing and we would like to hear your comments to ensure all views are considered before a final decision is made.

What happens next?

All feedback will be fully considered once the consultation has closed. If a decision is made to proceed, we would look to undertake construction works later this year. 


  • Hampton Ward


  • Open to all


  • Richmond Borough