Beresford Avenue / Park Road Parking Consultation

Closed 13 Sep 2019

Opened 1 Jul 2019


The Council is consulting residents and businesses in Beresford Avenue and some sections of Park Road (those not already in a controlled zone) on the possibility of implementing parking controls in these roads.This consultation follows the receipt of comments from residents regarding non-residential parking.

A review of the East Twickenham CPZ (zone F) is underway following concerns expressed by residents about current and future parking difficulties, considering the redevelopment of the former Ryde House site on Richmond Road into a Lidl superstore and Deer Park School, which could increase pressures on local parking conditions. The review includes a consultation with all residents within Zone F, which we would like to extend to all Beresford Avenue and Park Road residents and present an opportunity for these residents to join zone F if they wish.

If the consultation identifies support to introduce parking controls in your roads, the Council will consider developing proposals in the form of an extension of the nearby existing Zone F, which currently operates 10.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.  This would require residents, their visitors and businesses parking during the operational times to purchase/display a valid parking permit, (unless you live in a property subject to a S106 Planning Agreement which restricts or prohibits the issue of permits). Please be aware that the operational hours/times of Zone F may change as a result of the above review, and this could affect the cost of the permit.

 Current resident and business permit prices in Zone F:

1st Annual resident permit price: £86.65

1st Annual business permit price: £275.10   

There is scope to increase the days/hours of Zone F without increasing the cost of a permit. However, if Zone F was extended to the maximum Mon-Sun 8.30am to 6.30pm, the resident permit would rise to £114.45 and the business permit £366.45 per year.

Subsequent permits purchased per household/business per year are approximately 50% more for the 2nd permit issued and approximately 50% more again for 3rd and subsequent permits issued per household/business.

Resident visitor permits

Resident visitor permits (scratchcards) cost £13.85 per book of ten half day permits. These are half price to the over 60s. The permit must be validated for the relevant time period. Two permits, correctly validated, would be required for one full day’s parking in zone F.

Please note that the above costs are currently being reviewed and may be subject to change in the future. Information on how CPZs work including all parking charges can be found on the Council website

Have your say

Please give us your views by completing the online survey below. If you need a paper copy please call 020 8891 1411 and ask for the project officer Tim Shishodia or email

The Council would like to demonstrate that any changes have the support of local residents, so a good response is very important.  All feedback to this consultation will be considered by the Council along with all relevant traffic management and other highway factors, prior to a decision being made on the way forward.

If you have any comments or queries, please feel free to telephone 020 8891 1411 and ask for the project officer Tim Shishodia or email


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