Review of The Alberts Controlled Parking Zone (Zone G)

Closed 21 Jul 2019

Opened 24 Jun 2019


In 2016, the Council consulted with residents of Albert Road and adjacent roads on possible changes to the parking restrictions in this area. The basis for this consultation was the concern that despite the introduction of an exemption to allow vehicles to partially park on the footway, there may be insufficient width to enable an emergency vehicle to pass unobstructed.

A public meeting was hosted by The Alberts Community Association to discuss the issues and agree a way forward, during which the following two options were developed: 

  • Option 1: Reposition the existing footway parking bays further onto the footway to create additional carriageway width

Issues raised: Residents who lived on the eastern side of Albert Road felt this  approach may make it difficult to access their properties. 

  • Option 2: Remove the partial footway parking on the eastern side of Albert Road (the even number side) and replace it with double yellow lines

Issues raised: This would enhance the appearance of the street and ensure emergency vehicle access, but could result in a reduction of parking for approximately twenty vehicles.  Though additional parking was identified in nearby roads within the CPZ, this would require residents to park further away from their properties. 

The result of the 2016 informal consultation was support from residents for Option 1.

Since the 2016 consultation, complaints regarding accessibility issues have been received from London Fire Brigade, due to parked vehicles on both sides of the road. The Council have been carefully considering the most appropriate solution for Albert Road. Whilst the merits and local support for Option 1 were acknowledged, it was noted that:

  • The majority of the footway would be occupied by parked vehicles, placing an increased risk of damage to the frontages of the properties by vehicle manoeuvring
  • There is no guarantee that this would address the problem, given that inconsiderate  parking can occur and/or wider vehicles (4x4s etc) may try to park in these spaces

Taking this into consideration, the Council’s view is that unobstructed accessibility for an emergency vehicle should be considered a priority and it cannot allow parking in locations that compromise safety and prevent access. This means that it will now be necessary to remove all parking on the eastern side of Albert Road (as per Option 2). There is scope to offset the loss of parking by creating additional parking spaces within Albert Road and the remainder of the CPZ and these are indicated on the plans at the bottom of this page. 

The Council is therefore proposing to implement Option 2 along with a number of new parking spaces in the CPZ. While the double yellow line restrictions may not be universally popular, it is hoped that residents will recognise the justification for their introduction.

The changes to the CPZ will be implemented by way of Experimental Traffic Orders and will be monitored over the first six months of operation.  Implementing the new scheme in this way will provide a period of operational experience and allows for representations to be made during the first six months of operation.

Prior to implementing the changes, we would like to hear any comments or concerns that you may have. Please give us your views using the comments form below.

If you have any enquiries, please telephone 020 8891 1411 and ask for the Project officer Michael Herd.


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