Pedestrian accessibility improvements outside the Albany Public House

Closed 26 Jul 2019

Opened 24 Jun 2019


The Council are proposing to make significant improvements to pedestrian accessibility and safety around the Albany Public House. There is currently no pavement provision to the front of the property and pedestrian movements have increased significantly in recent years with the opening of St Richard Reynolds school. With traffic in both directions and a tight, blind corner on Station Road, there is potential for conflict.

To improve pedestrian safety the Council are proposing to make the following changes to the road layout (as detailed on the plan here):

  • Provision of new pavements by reducing the width of the road outside the Albany Public House, to provide pedestrians with a safer route to walk
  • Improved dropped kerb facilities at existing crossing points to make access easier for those with pushchairs or in wheelchairs
  • A new position for the give way line at the Queens Road junction to tie in with the new pavement to the front of the Albany
  • General resurfacing and maintenance of the pavements in the immediate vicinity for improved pedestrian access
  • Provision of a loading bay within the new pavement to allow loading for the Albany
  • General improvements to the pavement and road surface including planting where possible
  • Changing  existing single yellow line parking restrictions to double yellow lines to remove obstructive parking within the vicinity

This new layout will improve the pavements by providing new crossing points and upgrading surfacing to allow all pedestrians to move through the area safely. Subject to the feedback from the consultation, we would look to implement this scheme during the Autumn.

Please give us your views by completing the online survey below.

If you require any further information or a paper copy of the questionnaire, please contact Helen Howes on 020 8891 7498 or email

All feedback will be considered by your Ward Councillors and the Chair of the Transport and Air Quality Service Committee.


  • Twickenham Riverside Ward


  • Open to all


  • Richmond Borough