A310 30mph Speed Limit Review

Closed 28 Jul 2023

Opened 27 Jun 2023

Results updated 20 Nov 2023

Thank you to all those who responded to this consultation.

You can read more about the feedback we received and the decision to proceed with the proposal here.


A310 (between Heath Road/Cross Deep and Hampton Wick Railway Bridge)

Reducing vehicle speeds has been proven to have a positive impact on road safety. Research by the Transport Research Laboratory has shown that a 1mph reduction in average speed equates to a 5% reduction in accidents.   

In 2020, the Council implemented a 20mph speed limit on the majority of roads in Richmond but a small number of roads were retained at 30mph. Following detailed analysis of speeds across the borough, the 20mph limit has been seen to reduce speeds, support safety outcomes and assist with the Council’s air quality objectives. 

Given the positive impacts of our 20mph analysis and in light of recent cycle lane improvements on Strawberry Vale, Richmond Council is now considering lowering the speed limit on the A310 (from Twickenham to Hampton Wick) to 20mph. 

The proposed 20mph limit will be formally advertised as a Traffic Management Order under Section 84 of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984 in the Richmond and Twickenham Times on 29 June 2023.  

Have your say

Please give us your views by clicking the Online Survey link below. If you need any help completing the survey or if you need a paper copy or a different format, please call 020 8487 5294 or email trafficandengineering@richmondandwandsworth.gov.uk

What happens next?

We are keen to hear resident views about the proposal to reduce the speed limit on the A310 corridor and invite you to share feedback to be considered by Richmond Council’s Transport and Air Quality Committee.  The Committee will then determine whether to implement the proposed change.


  • Hampton Wick & South Teddington
  • South Twickenham
  • Teddington
  • Twickenham Riverside


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