Sandycombe Road, Kew – Proposed Traffic Calming, Passing Areas And Streetscape Improvements

Closed 26 Jun 2015

Opened 28 May 2015

Results Updated 22 Oct 2015

A consultation letter was delivered to local residents and businesses on the 28 May with a four week reply period.  Approximately 1,550 were delivered and in addition, street notices were erected and an online questionnaire made available.

The online survey received 151 responses and in addition, approximately 15 emails and letters were received in response to the proposals, with these respondents requested to complete the online survey.  In view of the response received and a further meeting, construction of the measures approved are to be implemented in phases.

Phase 1 – Sandycombe Road High park Rd junction raised table and streetscape improvements (planned to start January 2016)

Phase 2 – Sandycombe Road junction North Avenue raised table and streetscape improvements (Feb/March 2016)

Phase 3 – raised table near Gainsborough and raised junction at Gordon Road (April 2016 onwards)

Phase 4 – line marking changes/street lighting improvements


To view the full Cabinet report and associated documents please follow this link. The officer responses to objections raised are available to view in Appendix B of the report.


Residents are being consulted on proposed new safety and parking measures on Sandycombe Road in Kew.

The Council has received numerous complaints over recent years with regards to vehicle speeds, congestion and reports of collisions. Sandycombe Road is narrow in places and, with continuous parking, it can be difficult for oncoming vehicles to pass each other.  This is a key concern of London Buses because larger vehicles have no choice but to mount the footway to allow opposing vehicles to pass. This is an obvious safety concern in addition to creating regular pavement damage.

The long lengths of parked cars also contribute to residents' concerns about vehicles stopping and then accelerating very rapidly to get through such pinch points.

In response to the concerns, the Council is considering the measures detailed below. Full details can be seen in the plan in the supporting documents below, listed in order of location starting from the A316 junction:

  •  A proposed raised table between Raleigh Rd and Gainsborough Rd to slow vehicles accelerating away from the A316.
  • The introduction of double yellow lines to create a passing area opposite Temple Road.
  • A proposed raised table at the Gordon Road junction with double yellow lines to create a speed reducing feature in addition to a passing area.
  • An extension to the existing bus stop road marking opposite Dudley Road to comply with current standards.
  • Relocation of the bus cage from outside number 220 to outside number 204 to line up with the existing bus stop
  • A length of double yellow line outside numbers 207-215 to create a passing area.
  • Partial footway parking on the western pavement between The Avenue and Lawn Crescent with double yellow lines opposite, which will require some works to the footway. This is proposed to increase parking spaces, to provide additional road space for vehicles to pass and by alternating the side where parking is allowed it will help to slow the traffic.
  • A raised table with general streetscape improvements at the junctions of Victoria Cottages and North Avenue.  This will create an enhanced environment linking the shops, St Luke's House and the sitting out area while providing the benefit of speed reduction.
  • A raised table with general streetscape improvements at the junctions of High Park Road and Lichfield Road.  This will create an enhanced and safer environment for pedestrians crossing High Park Road and will provide an improved pedestrian route to Royal Botanical Gardens Kew while also offering the benefit of speed reduction.
  • Replace the existing single yellow line on the west side of Sandycombe Road with double yellow lines. Even though vehicles rarely park on this side, it will help to deter those that may be tempted.

Overall the proposals will result in a loss of 3 on street parking spaces. However, the Council is proposing that a short length of single yellow line is installed in Elizabeth Cottage, operational Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm.  This will allow overnight and Sunday parking for up to four vehicles.

Subject to the consultation results, we would expect construction to start later this year. Some carriageway resurfacing and remedial work is expected to be carried out at the same time.

We are keen to hear your views and invite you to submit your completed survey by Friday 26th June 2015 when the consultation closes.  

 If you require any further information or a paper copy of the questionnaire, please contact us on 0208487 5294, alternatively email to  All comments received will be considered by your Ward Councillors and the Cabinet Member for Highways and Streetscene who will decide on the way forward.




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