Asylum Seeker Service - Customer Satisfaction Survey

Closed 31 Mar 2008

Opened 1 Apr 2007


To measure client satisfaction with the services we provide and to provide quality assurance.

An online customer satifaction questionnaire was provided through which service users can identify areas of satisfaction and provide feedback, which can be analysed and used to improve services. The questionnaire is available in a number of language formats.



  • Residents
  • Black and minority ethnic groups
  • Businesses
  • Carers
  • Children
  • Community groups
  • Gay, lesbian and bisexual people
  • Men
  • Older people
  • Parents
  • People with disabilities
  • People with learning disabilities
  • People with mental health issues
  • Service users
  • Staff
  • Transgender people
  • Visitors and tourists
  • Voluntary groups
  • Women
  • Young people