New Teddington Controlled Parking Zone (Zone T), Bridgeman Road and Cedar Road

Closes 24 Oct 2021

Opened 24 Sep 2021


On 14th January the Council approved the introduction of several new Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) across the Teddington / Strawberry Hill area.

Following some further work including consultation with your ward councillors, final proposals have been made, which have necessitated a re-drawing of the boundaries of some existing CPZs and a change to the operational hours / days.

The road in which you live is situated within the new / reformed Teddington Controlled Parking Zone (T) (dark green shaded area on this map, ‘T’). Bolton Gardens Gomer Gardens, Kingston Lane and the adjacent section of High Street (between Udney Park Road and Kingston Lane) and the existing Teddington CPZ east of the railway line form this new larger area providing access to CPZ roads closer to home.

As we progress implementation of the new CPZ, the Council is carrying out a ‘2nd stage’ consultation to: 

  1. Consult properties in the new zone on the CPZ operational hours, advise properties within the new CPZ area of the zone boundary and provide an opportunity to comment;
  2. Consult further with residents in Bridgeman Road and Cedar Road on their preferred choice of operational hours;
  3. Consult properties outside the CPZ area, on whether they would wish to be included in the new CPZ (light green shaded area on the this map). The Council will consider adding these road(s) to the CPZ provided a connection can be formed.

Although a CPZ already operates in your road, we would like to hear your views on how it should operate in the future.  Information has been provided below to help with your decision and guidance on how to respond.

Operational hours

The 2020 consultation results in most roads currently within the CPZ and in those roads outside the CPZ showed clear support for the zone to operate Monday to Friday and for two hours a day, with little support for longer hours. Most roads in the newly extended Teddington CPZ are being consulted on whether they would prefer 8.30am to 10.30am or 10am to noon, Monday to Friday.

The operational days in Bridgeman Road and Cedar Road will continue to operate Monday to Friday, in line with the consultation results.  However, the results were unclear in terms of support of the operational ‘hours’.  Therefore, we are asking residents in these roads to choose between short or longer operational hours to clarify where most support lies.  The options provided take into account the results from the previous consultation. Some key information to assist you with your response is below. 


Details of the current annual parking permit prices, as valid from 1st April 2020, are as follows:           


Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3


2 or 4 hour CPZ

5-7 days a week

6.5 - 10 hour CPZ

5-7 days a week

10+ hour CPZ

7 days a week

1st permit

e.g. Mon-Fri/Sat/Sun 10am to Noon or 10am to 2pm

e.g. Mon-Fri/Sat/Sun 10am to 4.30pm or 8.30am to 6.30pm

 e.g. Mon-Sun 8.30am to 6.30pm or 8am to 10pm










  • Permit prices are reviewed annually. 
  • Subsequent permits purchased per household / business per year are approximately 50% more for the 2nd permit issued and approximately 50% more again for 3rd and subsequent permits issued per household / business. 
  • Resident visitor permits (scratchcards) currently cost £14.55 per book of ten half day permits.  These are half price to the over 60s.  One permit would be required for one full day’s parking in a 2-4 hour zone. Two permits would be required in a zone that operates for more than 4 hours.
  • Some properties are subject to a restriction/prohibition on the issue of permits.  (These are normally properties that have been built within the last 20-25 years).
  • More information is available on the Council’s website here.

Future Review

The Royal Parks’ decision to introduce parking charges in all the public car parks in Bushy and Richmond Parks is now awaiting parliamentary approval. Since this may result in displacement parking into the surrounding roads, especially at the weekends, a further review of the operational hours/days and consultation may be necessary in the future.


Preliminary designs of the CPZ layout have been made.  These are preliminary designs (not final) and are subject to further amendments prior to finalisation.

As part of the preparation of these designs, we have sought the views of the London Fire Brigade to ensure emergency vehicle access is maintained. Whilst we always try to maximise parking capacity and retain the existing patterns of parking, this is not always possible if roads and footways are narrow.

We have proposed some yellow lines in roads to address issues such as access and sight lines at junctions, regardless of whether the CPZ is introduced in the road. Others may be added when the full design is made. Please be reassured that availability levels over the zone are expected to be improved by a CPZ as commuters and long stay vehicles are deterred from parking.    

Yellow lines have been marked in front of driveways/dropped kerbs as standard. In existing zones, any bays across driveways/dropped kerbs will be removed and replaced with a yellow line. However, in most cases, there are currently two options:

1-Retain the yellow line as proposed in the preliminary design. This is recommended for those who do not wish to park in front of their driveways / dropped kerb, and would prefer to remove any ambiguity over who can park there. If this is your preferred option, there is no need for any action on your part. 

2- Ask the Council to consider omitting the yellow line and leave the area unmarked, terminating the bay on either side. This is not a clear deterrent for unauthorised parking but allows residents and their visitors to continue parking at this location. When parking during the operational days/hours of the CPZ, a valid permit must be displayed.  If this is your preferred option, please confirm this by email to the address at the top of this letter.


  • The above two options are being offered on a trial basis and are subject to review.   If, at any time in the future, there are operational difficulties in maintaining this approach, the Council will review these options.  Such a review may result in one of these options being withdrawn and changes made to the line marking/restrictions across driveways/dropped kerbs.
  • Unless you have been authorised by the property owner / occupier of a certain property to park in front of their driveway/dropped kerb, you are not entitled to park there.
  • Parking is not permitted in front of entrances accessing multi-occupancy dwellings.

The preliminary designs, and dropped kerb info are available on the Parking Reviews webpage here

Have your say

Please give us your views by completing the online survey below.

If you are unable to complete the survey online and you would like a paper copy of the questionnaire, please call (020) 8871 8459 leaving your name and address including postcode and quoting reference ‘T-Bridge’ and one will be posted out to you with a postage paid return envelope.

Should you wish to make any additional comments, you may do so by emailing: including in the subject heading ‘T-Bridge’.  All comments will be considered but it will not be possible to respond to individual e-mails/comments.

What happens next?

The Council would like to demonstrate that any measures have the support of the local community, so a good response is important. Whilst we would like to apply the most supported options among responding households, the final decision will not be based on residents’ views alone.  All feedback will be considered along with relevant traffic management and other highway factors, prior to a decision being made on the way forward.

Whilst implementation of these schemes is provisionally programmed for early-mid 2022, we are not in a position to provide a firm date because of the work still to be done, the duration of which is variable. We will write to you again with the decision and further information regarding implementation and how to obtain a permit. Updates will be posted on the Council’s website, where a copy of the Transport and Air Quality report can also be viewed, which details the outcome of all the consultations and reviews in this area.

Further information

Further information, including how a CPZ works, permit application criteria/guidance, all parking charges and the decision-making process, is available on the Council’s website here.  Alternatively, this information can be obtained by calling the Customer Service Centre on 020 8891 1411 and asking for the Parking Policy Team.

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